Fiber Optics

Premium Quality at the best price.

Grupo GTA focuses on new technologies and the latest innovations to offer quality service to our clients. Our Premium Fiber Optics network allows us to offer high speed Internet connections, telephone and television services at the highest quality, and even better, at very competitive prices.

  • Enjoy a selection of 195 national and international TV stations that will the demands of all the family members.
  • Premium Internet, without failures and without download limits.
  • Increase the value of your property installing this system that will allow you viewing 4K quality streaming videos.


High speed Internet, without limits

What are you waiting for to contract the best Wimax service and enjoy high speed Internet access without cuts or interruptions? And you do not need to have a land line phone to enjoy this service.

Grupo GTA helps you save on your invoice because we only charge for those services hired, without added costs for rentals, download limits, because the network belongs to us.

We also offer a FREE customer service that will help you in different languages. The service also includes maintenance of the equipment.


Speak all you want

If what you are looking for is being able to talk on the phone without worrying about the use, contract our bonds and flat rates. We have multiple destinations so you can easily chose what adapts best to your needs.

Also, you do not need to have a land line to contract this service. We will take care of the installation and assign a new phone number without added costs. If on the other hand, you prefer keeping your old number, we will follow all the steps so you keep the old number without extra costs.

Mobile Telephone

We are working to offer our clients the best service

Currently we are working hard to incorporate the mobile phone service to the list of services.

A Project that soon will be achieved.